Once the BCI Connector has been installed the following will be available through the Salesforce App Launcher

There are two main features of the BxC Salesforce BCI Connector, Project Search and Sync, and Company Search and Sync.

Project Search and Sync

The Project search and sync is the main feature of the connector, allowing you to search the BCI database for projects that exist, similar to being in the native BCI application.

Using the search screen users can enter a combination of search criteria to return a list of search results directly from BCI.

Once the list is returned, users can quickly view the project details prior to sync.

If the project is wanted in Salesforce the project and associated details can be synced using the Sync checkbox and clicking the sync button.

It is important to note the synced box at the end of the list, this tells the user if the project is already synced to Salesforce.

Each project synced will bring the Project record and associated Stakeholders (Accounts and Contacts) into Salesforce and will continue to update nightly to ensure the latest information for your projects is held in Salesforce.

Users can setup processes to ensure notifications are triggered to alert if statuses are changed.

Company Search and Sync

The Company search and sync works in a similar manner to the Project search, however this simply searches the company information held in BCI and the associated contacts.

The list returned allows you to create an Account and Contact for the information selected for sync.

Please note: this does not display associted projects for the company only contact information.